Monday, December 28, 2009

What do your techniques say about you?

Self Actualization

Bruce Lee understood self actualization and the martial arts very well. He spoke of it often. To him, the actualization of ones inner person was the purpose of martial arts training. It puts the “art” in martial art. As an actor, I suspect Bruce was very comfortable ignoring who he was on the inside to portray the character he needed to on the outside. Thus it makes perfect sense to me that his challenge was to use his martial art to express who he actually was as a person... to “express himself honestly”, as he would say.

For better or worse the way we perform our techniques is always an actualization of ourselves. Those with sloppy, lazy technique tend to lead sloppy, lazy lives. Those who can not relax and too rigidly perform their actions are likely spending too much time in a state of “stress” and “overwhelmed.” Those too timid and shy in life may perform their techniques with out snap or spirited yelling.

Listen to what your techniques say about who you are. Begin to let them speak for the person you wish to become. Balanced, focused, driven, powerful, confident, secure.